Man stabs woman and posts video of her dying on Facebook

In a disturbing event, a man in the San Francisco Bay Area is suspected of stabbing a woman to death and subsequently sharing a video of the gruesome act on Facebook. The alleged perpetrator, 39-year-old Mark Mechikoff, was nabbed roughly 30 miles south of the crime scene, a San Mateo apartment complex. The video posted on the social media platform was instrumental in leading the authorities to Mechikoff.

While the reason behind the heinous act is still being probed, it is confirmed that Mechikoff recorded the last moments of the victim’s life and shared it on Facebook before escaping the scene, as per a statement from the San Mateo police. The victim has been named as Claribel Estrella.

On Friday, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office slapped Mechikoff with a single charge of murder, along with additional charges for causing severe bodily harm and the use of a knife. His arraignment was slated for Friday afternoon, where a legal representative will be assigned to him, as per DA Stephen Wagstaffe.

The San Mateo police have referred further questions, such as the specifics of the Facebook page where the video was shared and whether it has been removed, to the DA’s office. The details of the footage have not been revealed.

The incident was first reported to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada by a woman who claimed to have seen the video on Facebook. The sheriff’s office traced the phone number associated with the Facebook page to a large apartment complex in San Mateo. After a comprehensive search, officers found Estrella’s body nearly three hours later in one of the apartments. It is known that Mechikoff knew Estrella, but the specifics of their relationship have not been disclosed.

Two hours after the discovery of Estrella’s body, Mechikoff was arrested in San Jose on suspicion of homicide.