Man shot dead by violent neighbor while he was getting the mail

Police in Chandler, Arizona arrested a man suspected of fatally shooting a 58-year-old resident of a local neighborhood. The incident occurred on April 3rd. Responding officers found Matthew Miller shot multiple times, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Miller was in his vehicle with his wife, checking their mail when the suspect confronted them and began shooting. Miller’s wife was unharmed and called 911.

The suspect, identified as 31-year-old Channing Vanderbilt, remained at the scene. He acted as a bystander when police arrived but was subsequently arrested. Vanderbilt lived near the location of the shooting.

Earlier that day, officers had responded to a call about someone shooting at a resident’s block wall in the same area. Although there were no witnesses or evidence, investigators are exploring possible connections to the fatal shooting.

Court documents reveal that Miller’s wife heard popping sounds before checking their mail. She then saw Vanderbilt retrieve a rifle from a parked truck and open fire on them. Miller pushed his wife’s head down to protect her as their vehicle was shot at multiple times.

A rifle was later found in the truck, and Vanderbilt had truck keys and shell casings on him when taken into custody. The casings matched those discovered at the scene.

During questioning, Vanderbilt claimed he had been targeted for several years and was in his home with his mother when he heard gunshots. He said he went to the victims and inquired if the wife was alright.

According to court documents, Vanderbilt admitted to picking up shell casings as souvenirs but denied involvement in the shooting. He stated he did not own any guns and believed someone placed the rifle in his vehicle without his knowledge.

Vanderbilt now faces multiple charges, including first-degree murder and aggravated assault.

Neighbors, who were shocked by the incident, reported stray bullets hitting their windows. Some believe Vanderbilt was indiscriminately shooting at anything that moved.