Man pleads guilty to trying to kill Tinder date

BOUNTIFUL, UT – Murder suspect Kane Fairbank has recently pled guilty to one count of attempted aggravated murder and another of attempted murder. These charges stem from a startling case from two years ago, where Fairbank, then 18 years old, brutally stabbed two women in Bountiful.

The court noted that Fairbank met one of the victims on Tinder, a popular dating app, and attacked her during their date at a local park. The woman managed to escape his car, only to be attacked once more. Fairbank then allegedly stabbed an elderly woman before being subdued by a passerby and taken into custody.

Despite his admission of guilt to the two severe charges, Fairbank pled not guilty to counts of aggravated kidnapping and obstructing justice. His plea of “guilty but mentally ill” indicates he was suffering from a psychotic episode related to his schizoaffective disorder during the attacks.

The court records suggested this plea is part of a plea deal between Fairbank and the prosecutors, subsequently leading to the dismissal of the remaining charges. As per Utah law, individuals who plead guilty but mentally ill could get altered sentencing.

In Fairbank’s case, the plea deal could result in consecutive sentences leading to a prison term ranging from 18 years to life. Furthermore, the plea agreement necessitates a presentence investigation report to aid the judge in determining the appropriate sentence.

According to Utah law, if the court finds sufficient evidence supporting a defendant’s mental condition and determines that the defendant could benefit from treatment, several options may follow. Sentencing could be deferred, specific treatment, and supervision could be granted. In felony cases like Fairbank’s, the defendant might be placed in a secure facility for up to a year. The court can also determine potential supervised release as part of their treatment and supervision recommendations.