Man indicted when police find enough bomb making material to level a building

On Monday morning, the San Jose Police Department leapt into action when reports of a commercial burglary in the 1200 block of Old Bayshore Highway came in.

To their surprise, an investigation conducted in the building revealed an explosive device manufacturing operation headed by San Jose resident Adam Mirassou. The police obtained search warrants for Mirassou’s business and residence, and located him to subsequently arrest him without incident.

A search of Mirassou’s property uncovered an astounding collection of explosive-making materials and a range of completed explosives that weighed over a hundred pounds. The explosives were reportedly two to three times more potent than what the military uses to simulate artillery fire, showing that the destructive devices had been made with potentially malicious intent. The sheer quantity of explosives was enough to level a building.

Mirassou has been charged with multiple felonies for the manufacturing and storage of destructive devices. The San Jose Police Department is currently taking further measures to strengthen the safety of their community, and encourages members of the public to come forward with any information related to the suspect, incident, or other suspicious activity.