Bodycam footage shows woman fatally shot by police after threatening them with knife

Bodycam footage providing insights into a fatal police shooting in Dutchess County, New York, has been released by the state Attorney General’s Office of Special Investigation. The video is part of an ongoing inquiry into the April 29, 2022, incident that resulted in the death of Jamie Feith.

The footage sheds light on a tense encounter between Feith and the responding officers from the Hyde Park Police Department and the New York State Police. Officers Joshua Kemlage, Bryan Sweeney, and Christopher Miller were called to Feith’s residence following a reported domestic dispute.

As the officers engaged with Feith, she reportedly procured a knife and made an attempt to assault them. This account is supported by the bodycam video obtained from Trooper Miller’s gear, which captured the series of events leading up to the tragic outcome.

The video begins with Officer Kemlage escorting Feith from a bedroom where one of her children was visible in the backdrop. As they exit the room, a warning call of a weapon resonates from one of the officers. Amidst the escalating tension, a call for backup is made.

The footage continues to document a struggle between Kemlage and Feith, with the officer trying to disarm her. Despite orders to stay back and disarm herself, Feith continues to resist. Subsequently, Kemlage fires two shots and causes Feith to fall to the floor.

While this altercation ensues, Feith’s partner, who is restrained by an officer off-camera, implores the officers not to shoot. However, two more shots are fired. Distressed cries can be heard from Feith’s partner.

Following the incident, Feith was declared dead at the scene. In accordance with New York State protocols, any incident involving civilian fatalities during police encounters mandates an investigation by the state attorney general.

In releasing the video, the Attorney General’s Office stated that the move was aligned with Attorney General Letitia James’ directive to enhance transparency and build public trust in such matters. The investigation into this tragic event remains active and ongoing.