Man found dead on the side of the road, couple charged with his murder

A Pennsylvania couple is now facing multiple charges after being linked to the death of a man found on the side of a road. Justin Green, 41, and Brooke Pullin, 30, both residents of Johnstown, have been arrested and are currently in custody. The body of Daryl Vincent Lee, 44, was discovered on July 14 along Route 403 in East Wheatfield Township. An autopsy confirmed that Lee’s death was a result of a single gunshot wound, and a significant piece of evidence was the presence of multicolored hair found on his collar area.

Authorities began their investigation, which eventually led them to Green. According to a criminal complaint, Green and Lee had worked together on three landscaping jobs on July 13th. Initially, Green claimed that he had dropped Lee off at his home after their workday ended. However, physical evidence and surveillance video from the area raised suspicions that Green and his girlfriend, Pullin, were involved in Lee’s death.

Court documents revealed that Pullin, who has multicolored hair, informed the police that she and Green had taken a road trip on the evening of July 13 after he returned from work. During a search of Green’s Toyota Tundra pickup truck, authorities discovered two shotgun shells, multicolored hairs, and blood inside the vehicle. The complaint also stated that Green and Pullin were arrested with a Visa card bearing the name “Daryl Lee” in their possession.

According to the complaint, Green later confessed to driving Lee across town in his truck to collect money from a landscaping customer. While driving, Green allegedly shot Lee with a 12-gauge shotgun that he had purchased at a yard sale. He claimed to have covered up Lee’s body with a shirt and some tools before returning home to pick up Pullin and their child for a road trip to Maryland. Green asserted that Pullin had no knowledge of the body being in the vehicle at the time.

Green and Pullin were arraigned on Wednesday and are currently being held in Cambria County Prison. Green was denied bail, while Pullin’s bail is set at $150,000. The charges against Green include abuse of a corpse, criminal homicide, robbery, tampering with physical evidence, false identification to law enforcement, and receiving stolen property. Pullin faces charges of tampering with physical evidence, abuse of a corpse, receiving stolen property, and false identification to law enforcement. It remains unclear whether they have retained legal representation.