Man crashes car into house then chases neighbors with a pickaxe

On Monday, May 22, 2023, a crisis escalated in the peaceful neighborhood of 24300 Peacock Street in Lake Forest, Orange County. Surveillance footage caught a Kia sedan driving along the residential area, followed by a deafening collision.

Witnesses identified the driver as Tyler Graves. Subsequently, reports from neighbors indicated that Graves began chasing a few individuals with a pickaxe.

Soon thereafter, Graves ran to a nearby home in the 22100 Block of Pheasant Street which he rented. Security camera footage caught Graves lunging at the door with his shoulder, however, due to incorrect entrance code, frequent attempts resulted in failure.

His landlord, Eric Li recalled that Graves then charged at him in the backyard while holding a pickaxe. After pursuing a gardener in a nearby front yard, the suspect proceeded to break into his roommate’s room in the house. The roommate wasted no time in calling the police, who managed to disarm Graves beforehand.

When the Orange County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the scene, Graves was subdued with non-lethal force and put under arrest. Sgt. Mike Woodruff commented that the officers suspected Graves to had taken some type of chemical substance. Fortunately, none of the locals witnessed or got injured in the fray.