Man committed triple murder while out on bond for other violent crimes

HARPER WOODS, MI – Jonathan Welch, a resident of Harper Woods, Michigan, was sentenced on Wednesday to 45-70 years in prison for the murders of three individuals, including his mother, stepfather, and the mother of his child. Welch had previously confessed to these crimes in July.

The victims were identified as Flossie Nicole Bray, Welch’s mother; Robert Bray Jr., his stepfather; and Zlayiah Frazier, the mother of his son. The court records confirmed these details. Welch was also held accountable for the murder of another woman, unrelated to the aforementioned victims.

At the time of the murders, Welch was out on bond, having already been sentenced to a maximum of 30 years in prison for home invasion and torture against Frazier. Despite surviving the initial attack, Frazier was later killed by Welch during his period out on bond.

In addition to his sentence for the triple murder, Welch received a 20-40 year sentence for the murder of Natalya Morse, a 24-year-old woman. All sentences given to Welch will run concurrently.

The authorities have yet to disclose the specific circumstances surrounding the death of the 5-year-old child involved in the case.