Man charged in nurses murder also connected to cold case

Jamere Miller, a 36-year-old man from Detroit, is under arrest following the kidnapping and murder of his ex-girlfriend, Patrice Wilson, a 29-year-old nurse at Detroit Receiving Hospital. Her death has sent shockwaves throughout her small, tight-knit community of nursing professionals in Detroit.

Miller turned himself in to police on Sunday along with his lawyer. According to Detroit Police Chief James White, Miller gave himself up because he was “feeling the pressure of this investigation.”

But this case also brings up uncomfortable memories for Miller’s ex-girlfriend’s family. More than a decade ago, the mother of Miller’s son, Bianca Green, vanished. Green was a 24-year-old pregnant nursing student from Romulus, Michigan, and foul play was suspected, though Miller was questioned by police and not charged with a crime at the time.

The case has been cold since 2011, though last Monday Miller was arrested in connection with Wilson’s death. Miller has a significant criminal history—including domestic violence—and Chief White says an investigation is being launched to look into the possibility of Miller’s involvement in Green’s disappearance.

Keith Green, Bianca’s uncle, is cautiously optimistic. “It’s a lot to stomach,” he told Fox 2 Detroit shortly after the announcement of Miller’s arrest.

Wilson has been remembered as a hardworking mom and her death is a tragedy for those that knew her. The Detroit Police Department is currently consulting with Romulus Police to see if Miller can be held accountable for his alleged actions.