Man brutally murders girlfriend on her birthday

KENT, WA – Cordonte Walker has been sentenced to 17 years in prison for murdering a young mother, Lourdes ‘Lullies’ Keymolen. The sentencing comes three years after her tragic death, providing some closure for her grieving family. Keymolen was killed by Walker, allegedly her lover, just hours after she turned 23.

The courtroom was filled with emotion as relatives shared the devastating impact of domestic violence on both involved families. Fabby, Keymolen’s mother, delivered a poignant message to the man she once accepted into her family: “I loved you at one timeā€¦ You promised me that you were going to be good to my daughter. You failed me, you failed as man, a father, and a son.”

The death of Lullies Keymolen on August 26, 2020, marked her birthday celebrations’ ghastly end. A witness described the horrific scene of Walker allegedly beating Keymolen, then running her over near a bush.

Keymolen’s family expressed a lingering sense of despair due to the lack of a clear motive.

Walker expressed his remorse over the murder in court. He described the love he will forever hold for Keymolen, a sentiment also shared by his mother. She related their situation to her own ‘house of horrors’ relationship with Walker’s father, contributing to Walker’s violent outburst.

Judge Averil Rothroth presided over the sentencing, noting that this was one of the most extreme cases of domestic violence seen in court. Along with 17 years for felony murder, Walker was sentenced to five months for unlawful possession of a firearm, to run concurrently. A further three-year community custody sentence will follow his release.