Man brutally beats girlfriend to death, drops sofa on her body to take a nap

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Leroy Brahm III, 33, has been found guilty of the ruthless murder of his girlfriend, Annabel Rose Meenan, 21. Brahm brutally attacked Meenan, beating her and stomping on her head more than 80 times before placing a sofa over her body and falling asleep on it.

The attack was fuelled by Brahm’s jealousy over Meenan’s sexual relationship with another man. However, Brahm had initially encouraged the relationship that sparked the deadly dispute.

Prosecutor Kate Wright described the grisly murder in the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, stating that Brahm had “savagely beat the victim on several occasions leading up to the murder.” Many of these violent instances were recorded by security cameras at their shared East Vincent Township mobile home.

One video captured in court showed Brahm striking his defenseless girlfriend 21 times in the head and on her body before choking her.

The fatal attack took place in December of 2021. Brahm’s home security system captured the shocking event and showed him punching Meenan more than 85 times and stomping on her head more than 80 times. The brutal assault concluded with Brahm lifting up their living room sofa, dropping it onto Meenan’s lifeless body, and then falling asleep atop it.

“The jury rightfully recognized that [Brahm] was guilty of all charges,” the District Attorney announced. Brahm was found guilty on multiple counts, including first-degree murder, aggravated assault, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person.

Brahm’s sentencing is yet to be announced. As per Pennsylvania law, a first-degree murder conviction could result in a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole.