Man Attacks Four People With Hunting Knife In Casino

An unprovoked attack occurred at a Washington state casino Monday night, in which a man stabbed or slashed four people, then was arrested after a high-speed chase.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office in southwestern Washington said all four victims were expected to survive.

At the New Phoenix and Last Frontier casinos, table games and poker establishments, which share a building in La Center, the attack occurred just before midnight. A number of witnesses reported the stabbings to 911, and said the suspect possessed a hunting knife.

The attacker was confronted by patrons and employees, but he managed to escape in a car.

During a chase reaching speeds of more than 100 mph, deputies found the vehicle and stopped it using an “immobilization technique” before arresting the driver.

Sheriff’s officials say a man stabbed the man next to him five times “without provocation or warning” while sitting at a poker table.

While people tried to intervene, the suspect swung a knife at them, then stabbed a woman sitting at the same table. Police said the suspect chased another man into the parking lot and stabbed him when he fell, then drove off.

All four victims were taken to a nearby hospital.

A sheriff’s office in Clark County said Scott Harmier, 41, of Vancouver, Washington, is facing four counts of felony assault. His attorney is not shown in jail records. Harmier is due in court Wednesday.

The casino’s Facebook page said the attack was unprovoked and that its human resources department was investigating counseling options.

“We extend our thoughts and prayers to all affected,” it stated.

While mass stabbings are not as common as mass shootings in the United States, they do occur. In October, an attacker with a large knife killed two people and wounded six others along the Las Vegas Strip.

In that case, Yoni Christian Barrios, 32, is being held at a state psychiatric facility until doctors deem him capable of understanding his charges.