Man arrested for mass shooting threat to elementary school

SAN DIEGO, CA – An individual has been arrested and charged after making a mass shooting threat targeting Shoal Creek Elementary in Carmel Mountain Ranch, according to San Diego Police officials. The man in question, 38-year-old Lee Lor, was apprehended in Carlsbad on Friday. The authorities charged him with one felony count of making criminal threats.

Allegedly, Lor had sent an email to the school and threatened a firearm rampage. Upon interviewing Lor, he confirmed his intent to target the school that was attended by children from his neighborhood.

Lor’s address was located approximately a mile away from the school. Information from neighbors indicated that the area near of Lor’s home held only one family with young children, none of whom attended Shoal Creek Elementary. The mother of those children expressed she had no prior interactions with or knowledge of Lor.

Other residents of Linda Vista, where Lor’s mother lives, also noted that Lor is an ex-military personnel who had moved away from the neighborhood several years ago.

San Diego Superior Court arraigned Lor on Tuesday. A Gun Violence Restraining Order emerged from the court proceedings, barring Lor from owning or purchasing firearms.

The suspect is currently being held without bail. Lor is a former security guard, according to state records state records. A bail review hearing has been scheduled for Friday, along with the issuance of a criminal protective order for Shoal Creek.

A parent named Dan Roth highlighted the terror experienced by families associated with the school. “I haven’t slept,” said Roth, whose daughter attends Shoal Creek. Roth also added, “This is the scariest thing that I could ever go through.”