Majority of Americans Immune to Omicron

( – Throughout the pandemic, multiple variants of COVID-19 have hit the United States, with the most recent being Omicron. While people shuddered at the thought of another wave, this variant was actually beneficial.

Experts say Omicron swept so thoroughly through the population that it left behind immunity that will help keep future spikes low. Most Americans now have protection because their immune systems recognize the virus and can more easily fight it off, even if it is another variant.

The Associated Press notes 73% of the US population has immunity, which will help shorten future illnesses and reduce the amount of the virus in circulation. Experts say that future waves will probably not result in as many deaths and hospitalizations.

The change will drastically alter the reactions required by public health officials and lawmakers. Mandates for masks and vaccines may no longer be essential, and a return to normalcy may be in the cards.

Still, some medical professionals warn against a false sense of security as some people will remain vulnerable to the virus. Despite any continued obstacles, most experts agree we are now in a much better place to combat the virus and protect those at high risk.

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