January 6 Documents Ordered to be Turned Over

(InformingNews.com) – The House of Representatives has a special committee investigating former President Donald Trump’s connections to the events of January 6. As part of the expedition, the members want access to various documents in the National Archives and Records Administration. The former president, however, has been working to block this access. Now the US Supreme Court has issued a ruling on the matter.

On January 19, the Court ruled against Trump’s request to stop the January 6 committee from gaining access to files of the former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, including handwritten notes, visitor logs, presidential diaries and speeches.

Trump sought to prevent the committee from having access under executive privilege. His attorneys argued that Congress should not have the authority to seek privileged communications to use in an attempt to discredit the former president.

The court decided there was no protection of privilege in this situation, but it did not rule on whether a former president has a right to claim privilege. Only one justice, Clarence Thomas, sided with Trump and agreed that the documents should remain secret.

The Biden administration has already asked the committee not to request certain documents from the Trump White House records. The administration felt handing over these items could be damaging to executive privilege and national security.

Do you think the Supreme Court was right to order the release of these documents?

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