Illinois Eliminates Cash Bail And Many Fear That It Will Turn The State Into ‘The Purge’

Illinois’ no-cash bail law will turn the state into ‘The Purge’ – New York Post

Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell argues that eliminating cash bail in Illinois is setting the state on a path to resemble a horror movie.

Christian Caldwell, 24, was shot dead while out with friends on June 24. Police have not identified any suspects in his killing, and his brother Gianno Caldwell still can’t believe his little brother was murdered.

Offenders released on electronic monitoring devices must be in violation of their parole for 48 hours before it will be considered a crime. Orland Park, Illinois, officials demand that the SAFE-T Act be fixed because it limits police officer discretion and violates victims’ rights.

Illinois Republicans have been using the SAFE-T Act to attack J.B. Pritzker for being soft on crime. Caldwell wrote that the people most at risk are black and brown people.

The new law imposes higher standards for determining who is considered a public threat or a flight risk, and critics are concerned it will make it nearly impossible to detain a suspect ahead of trial.

Some law enforcement officials have expressed concerns that the bill requires a higher burden of proof to detain accused violent criminals, and that the bill does not go far enough to protect victims.

New York diminished its use of cash bail in 2019, and nearly two-thirds of New Yorkers thought that bail reform led to an increase in crime.

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