Husband stabs his wife in the stomach during International Women’s Day party

QUEENS, NY – A chilling International Women’s Day celebration turned deadly in Queens when a man allegedly stabbed his wife before being shot dead by police, a family member reported. The gathering was at the couple’s Forest Hills residence on Friday night. It was a significant celebration for the Uzbekistan-originated family and friends.

The spouse, Amira Nematov, was reportedly in severe pain after the attack, according to a family member speaking from her hospital bedside. The man, identified as Djamshed Nematov, was allegedly dealing with serious mental health issues leading up to the incident.

Reports suggest that Djamshed Nematov, 46, was struggling with physical pain from a hernia, impacting his work as a home health aide, in addition to hallucinations and depressive symptoms. The family member stated that these issues reportedly started a month ago when Nematov displayed odd behaviors, such as conversing with himself and seeing things not present.

Upon receiving 911 calls alerting them to the stabbing incident, NYPD officers responded to the scene. Police killed Nematov after he refused to drop his knife. Now hospitalized, Amira Nematov is reportedly unaware of her husband’s death and may require additional surgeries.

The couple, who have four children, had been married for over 20 years and were perceived as having a strong marriage. According to accounts by long-time neighbors, disputes between the couple were rare until recently. Gunfire and screaming were heard coming from the second floor of their 62nd Avenue building.

Nematov reportedly “charged” at the police officers with his 12-inch knife, leading an officer and a sergeant to fire at least four gunshots and deploy a Taser.