Husband Kills Physician Wife In Murder-Suicide At Her Office

A deputy medical examiner was killed and another employee was wounded in a shooting at the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office on Tuesday.

However, the gunman behind the shooting was shocking. The medical examiner was killed by her own spouse.

James Frost, 51, shot his estranged wife, Dr. Beth Frost on Tuesday, and then turned the gun back on himself. Both James and Beth were pronounced dead at the scene.

James “Jed” Frost fatally shot his wife, Dr. Beth Ellen Frost, Tuesday afternoon inside her office at the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office, officials said. The shooting is currently under investigation as authorities try to determine the events that led up to the couple’s death.

The Frosts were in the midst of a divorce, according to multiple reports. This possibly suggests a targeted, vindictive motive between James and Beth.

First responders were called to Dr. Frost’s office after shots were heard about 4:45 p.m. The scene of the crime will be converted to a storage room. No one wanted to continue to use the space in their practice out of respect for the deceased doctor.

The Dallas County Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences is the center of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office investigation after a murder-suicide inside the medical examiner’s office.

Beth Frost had worked for the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office since 2020, after earning a doctorate from Kansas City University.

After college basketball, James Frost started FROST, a luxury handbag company. The company was inspired by a bag given to him by his wife, Beth, upon her graduation from medical school.

However, the dynamic between the couple hasn’t always been this sweet. Beth Frost filed for divorce from James Frost on May 2. The filing stated that the marriage was “insupportable.

The couple shared two children that they had together during their marriage. Their family included a little girl, 9, and a young boy who is 5-years-old.