House cleaner killed after walking in on burglars in vacation rental home

After five and a half years, a jury has found Stephen Brown guilty of murder and other charges. He has been criminally convicted for the death of Telma Boinville in a Hawaiian vacation rental in December 2017.

After the victim’s untimely passing, Brown was charged with murder, two counts of kidnapping, and one count of burglary.

The horrific murder that occurred in the North Shore community of Pupukea sent shockwaves throughout the neighborhood. There was a great public outcry as the trial was delayed.

However, after a short period of deliberation, the jury of 28-year-old’s case found them guilty according to Hawaii News Now.

Brown is the first of two defendants in the death of Boinville. His former girlfriend, Hailey Dandurand, is set to be put before a jury after previously pleading not guilty to the murder.

The victim was a 51-year-old teacher who was earning extra money by cleaning vacation rentals in Oahu’s North Shore.

The 8-year-old daughter of Boinville was sitting in the car, expecting her mother to return, when the woman was suddenly attacked and killed. The young girl was then taken, bound up within the house, and told in a calloused manner that her mother had been killed.

On Friday morning, Brown remained expressionless and kept his gaze fixed ahead as the ruling was announced. The trial will resume on Monday with the sentencing phase, during which Brown could face a life sentence without the possibility of parole, as reported by Hawaii News Now.

At the trial, the prosecuting lawyers claimed that Boinville entered the residence and, upon doing so, found Brown and Dandurand in the process of committing a burglary. Brown then tied her up and killed her using a machete and other various weapons.