Home Depot employee, age 82, dies after being fatally shoved by a robber at work

On January 24th, Hillsborough Police apprehended Terry McAnthony McMillian Jr., 26. They arrested him on charges for first-degree murder and robbery.

McMillian was taken into custody in Durham at 7 a.m. and is currently being held without bond in Orange County Jail. This arrest is in relation to an incident that occurred in October 2022 at The Home Depot in Hillsborough, which resulted in the death of an employee who was injured in the robbery.

At 10:40am on October 18th, the elderly worker was injured while fulfilling his shift at Home Depot. McMillan stole three pressure washers from the store’s garden area. Security footage from the store showed the man pushing the employee, causing the worker to fall to the ground. Unfortunately, the employee passed away on November 30th due to complications from his injuries.

The Hillsborough Police Department arrested McMillian without incident. They did so with the help of the State Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Raleigh-Durham Safe Streets Task Force, and the Durham County and Orange County sheriff’s offices.

Prior to the arrest, the Hillsborough police detectives consulted with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and were given their support with regards to the charging decision.

Hillsborough Police Chief Duane Hampton shared a statement about the arrest. He said, “We are glad we were able to bring some closure to this case and are very appreciative of the family’s patience and support.” He continued, sharing, “This was a team effort involving many of our local criminal justice partners, the SBI and the public.”