Disabled Boy Allegedly Taped To Chair By Teacher

On Wednesday, an incident unfolding at Crosby Elementary School in Forney, Texas left the family of 10-year-old Zye Johnson devastated.

Zye had been grabbed by the arm by a teacher at lunchtime and was then detained in a chair with two other students assisting and tape binding his body until his arms were free.

After the teacher left the class, some classmates started hitting him due to his dwarfism and chronic migranes and his instinctual need to protect his head. When the teacher returned and Zye had managed to free himself, the teacher allegedly said to him, “You know I was just playing with you.”

When Charlotte Johnson, Zye’s mother, was alerted to the situation by an assistant principal, she was understandably upset. She couldn’t fathom why the teacher would do something like this and why the school district wasn’t appearing to take the situation more seriously.

Her outrage has been mirrored by parents, the community, and beyond in addition to the questions being raised about the safety of students in the school district.

In response, the school district released a statement claiming they are “aware of the allegations” and that an investigation has been launched.

Charlotte Johnson believes the teacher should be held accountable with criminal charges and be dismissed from their position.