GUILTY: Author of ‘Husband Murder Guide’ Convicted of Murder

‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Writer Convicted of Murdering Husband – The New York Times

A Multnomah County jury took about 24 hours to decide whether to convict Nancy Crampton Brophy of second-degree murder after hearing 26 days of testimony. The jury found Brophy guilty after a riveting trial that included riveting testimony from Brophy herself.

Judge Christopher A. Ramras scrubbed the jury from the very piece of writing that rocketed the case into national orbit: Brophy’s 2011 post entitled “How to Murder Your Husband”. The post turned out to be a chilling prophecy.

The detectives investigating Dan Brophy’s killing assumed his wife was a grieving widow, but the evidence showed otherwise: she drove to and from the crime scene, conducted research on her own computer, bought an untraceable gun, and asked police for a letter clearing her as a suspect.

Nancy Brophy, who was arrested in 2017, sat in jail for more than four years before finally getting to tell her side of the story. She insisted she wouldn’t have killed her husband because they were in love.

Nancy Brophy couldn’t remember driving that morning, but she had a memory of driving to the area to do some writing, and she was filling in blanks when she answered questions. She could serve anywhere from 25 years to life.

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