Gruesome find leads to arrest in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, WI – A chilling discovery in a Milwaukee County park has led to the arrest of 33-year-old Maxwell Anderson. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has identified Anderson as a person of interest following the unearthing of a dismembered human leg in Warnimont Park, Cudahy. Anderson’s arrest came after a search of his home, but he has not been charged as yet.

The severed leg was discovered on April 2, and in less than a week, more human remains were found scattered across three different locations in Milwaukee County. The authorities have not confirmed whether these incidents are linked.

On April 9, during a court hearing, the prosecutors requested an extension of 72 hours to review the evidence against Anderson. If no substantial evidence is found, Anderson may be released.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office has also reported finding “two items” in Warnimont Park that might be related to their investigation, but no further details have been divulged.

Retired Milwaukee Police Lt. Detective Steve Spingola has been following the case closely, noting the unusual nature of such incidents. He stressed the importance of DNA, phone records, and surveillance videos in piecing together the puzzle.

Interest has also been piqued by the case of missing 19-year-old Sade Robinson. Although not officially linked to the case, the fact that Robinson’s family was asked to attend Anderson’s hearing has raised eyebrows. Robinson’s car was found burned near the locations where the body parts were discovered.