Girl, 10, Almost Has Her Foot Bitten Off By Shark In Bloody Attack

Jasmine Carney, 10, was bit multiple times during a shark attack on November 27 on Hobe Sound, a beach, 25 miles north of West Palm Beach.

The 10-year-old girl was bit by a shark four times while swimming off a Florida beach. During the attack, she was able to free herself by stomping and kicking the shark.

Jasmine’s grandmother, Stephanie Carney, was there when the attack took place. She heard the girl’s screaming and saw the outpouring of blood after she was bitten. The lifeguards called 911 and Jasmine was taken by helicopter to a hospital.

She was airlifted to St. Mary’s Medical Center, part of the Palm Beach Health Network. Carney’s 6-year-old brother, Jackson, kept her calm during the ordeal. Jasmine cherishes his efforts to help her cope with the shocking accident.

Jasmine arrived at the hospital covered in blood and sand with a severed foot. The shark’s teeth had hit a blood vessel that supplied blood to the foot. The trauma surgeon cleaned the wound so her doctors could stop the bleeding.

While she was at the medical center, she underwent surgery to reconstruct her foot. The gruesome procedure included more than 100 stitches.

Jasmine was given antibiotics to prevent infection after she underwent a two-hour procedure that included anesthesia. Doctors say that she will be back to normal in a few months. There might be a long road of recovery and some nasty scarring as a result of her injuries.

The doctor who examined Jasmine’s foot said the shark bit her in multiple locations on the foot and had severed all the muscle, tendons, vessels, and nerves. Jasmine told the doctor she fought back against the shark, but it eventually let go.