Ghislaine Maxwell’s Cellmate Claims She Was offered ‘worth a 20 year extension’ Amount of Money To Kill Her. 

“I Could Kill Her and Get Life-Changing Money.”

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers say an inmate in her housing unit told several people she had been offered money to kill Ghislaine Maxwell. The inmate claimed the payment would be worth 20 years in prison.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team argued that she deserves a light sentence for her convictions, arguing that she had a difficult, traumatic childhood with an overbearing, narcissistic, and demanding father.

Ghislaine Maxwell was the supposed mastermind behind the decades-long coerced trafficking of teenage girls to dead financier Jeffrey Epstein’s homes and island.

He supposedly killed himself while in jail, awaiting transfer for charges he was facing on child trafficking and rape.

Many powerful men had been known to keep acquittance with Epstein. Most notably and frequently, former president Bill Clinton, former head of Victoria’s Secret Lex Wexler, and British Aristocrat Prince Andrew.

While all of the names in Maxwell’s infamous ‘black book’ are not yet known, it is alleged that there are many more whom Epstein and Maxwell, through their trafficking, may have recorded for extortion reasons.

This could be how Epstein gained the access to capital he had to fund his lifestyle because many of the major players who would have been his counter-party in supposed trading activities said they never once had a call or trade involving his firm.

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