Funeral home director busted after woman’s dead body was found hidden in hearse

DENVER, CO – A grisly discovery in a Denver residential property during an eviction process has led to criminal charges. Amid the Mayhem, police found a deceased body in a hearse and discovered several urns containing cremated human remains scattered throughout the premises.

The property’s tenant, a 33-year-old man previously involved in operating a funeral home, has become a target of multiple charges.

Commander Matt Clark of the Major Crimes Division disclosed on Feb. 16 that the landlord unearthed numerous urns in the crawlspace containing cremated human remains. Investigators found additional urn boxes in a stationary hearse and a U-haul found on location.

A deceased woman’s body, wrapped in a blanket, was found when the hearse was opened to recover the boxes. The medical examiner has since identified the body as a 63-year-old woman who passed away in 2022.

Through the investigation, it was inferred that the woman’s remains had likely been hidden in the hearse since shortly after her death, Clark elaborated.

The detectives believe they found the cremains of around 30 individuals who died between 2012 and 2021. They are making efforts to contact the deceased’s families because the families were under the impression that they had their loved one’s complete remains.

The 33-year-old tenant, Miles Harford, previously managed the Apollo Funeral and Cremation Services in Littleton, Colorado from 2012 to 2022. Clark noted that financial problems seem to have hit Harford, impairing his ability to complete cremation services.

With an arrest warrant issued, Harford is facing multiple charges including abuse of a corpse, forgery, and theft. Officers said Harford was being cooperative and was believed to be in the Denver area.

People who had dealings with Apollo Funeral and Cremation Services were urged to contact authorities if they had information to share.