Fourteen people killed in small plane crash

BARCELOS, Brazil- In the heart of Brazil, a small twin-engine turboprop plane met a tragic end near the remote jungle town of Barcelos, Amazonas. The aircraft, en route from Manaus, the state capital, crashed during its 248-mile journey, resulting in the death of all 14 people on board, including two crew members.

The ill-fated plane, an EMB-110 model manufactured by Brazilian aircraft company Embraer, was owned by Manaus Aerotáxi. The company confirmed that the aircraft and its crew had met all necessary flight requirements. The plane was chartered by a local businessman involved in game fishing, and the passengers were his friends from various parts of Brazil who shared his interest in the sport.

The crash occurred under challenging weather conditions, with heavy rain and low visibility reported at the time of the incident. Initial findings suggest that the plane ran out of runway during its descent into Barcelos, according to Vinicius Almeida, the security secretary of Amazonas state. An investigation into the exact cause of the crash is currently underway.

Amazonas Governor Wilson Lima expressed his condolences on social media, assuring that teams were on the ground providing necessary support since the moment of the crash. “My solidarity and prayers to the victims’ family and friends,” he wrote.

The bodies of the deceased victims will be transported to Manaus for formal identification. The incident has cast a shadow over the town of Barcelos, a popular tourist destination known for its proximity to several national parks and its peak fishing season, which begins in September. The state of Amazonas is renowned for its diverse species of ornamental fish, including the tucunaré, or peacock bass.