Former Soldier Kills Ex-Wife’s Coworker and 3 Kids in Devastating Murder-Suicide

In a tragic incident, a 42-year-old South Carolina man, Charles Slacks Jr., entered his ex-wife’s home, killing a man and three children before taking his own life. Slacks, a former active-duty member of the U.S. Army, had retained a key to the residence after his relationship with his ex-wife ended.

Upon arriving at the property, Slacks shot his ex-wife’s coworker before heading upstairs where the three sleeping children were located. His ex-wife pursued him up the stairs, intending to use her cellphone to call for help. According to Sumter Police Chief Russell F. Roark III, Slacks pointed the gun at his ex-wife and proceeded to shoot the three children, all under the age of 12, before fatally shooting himself.

The two younger boys were Slacks’ sons, and the third child was his ex-wife’s daughter. They children have been identified as Aayden Holliday-Slacks (5), Aason Holliday-Slacks(6), and Ava Holliday (11). Slacks’ ex-wife was the sole survivor of the incident and is currently staying with relatives.

The coworker who was killed in the attack, Command Sgt. Maj. Carlos Evans, was a fellow soldier with no personal relationship with Slacks’ ex-wife outside of work.

U.S. Army Central paid tribute to Evans on Facebook, with Lt. Gen. Patrick D. Frank, U.S. Army Central Commanding General, stating that Evans was “an outstanding leader and caring friend” who will be greatly missed.

The reasons for Slacks’ presence at the home and whether he was authorized to have a key to the property remain unclear. Authorities have not yet released an official motive for the attack and are continuing their investigation.