FBI Rescues Hostages in North Houston

On Thursday morning, federal and local law enforcement officials collaborated in a multiday operation in north Houston.

Their mission was to safely rescue a group of hostages, with one person fatally shot during the rescue – no FBI agents were injured and all hostages were safely recovered.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, the public remains safeguarded and is not faced with any safety threat. The number of hostages and the cause of the shooting have not been disclosed, and the Waller County Sheriff’s Office referred all enquiries to the district attorney’s office.

The FBI takes the lead in federal criminal investigations and is also responsible for offering assistance to other law enforcement agencies dealing with criminal activity.

As part of their investigative authority, the FBI possess a wealth of capacity covering criminal law, counterintelligence activity and civil rights infringement. In addition, the federal agency is charged with the investigation of organized crime and terrorism, cybercrime and financial fraud.