Former police officer charged with thirty burglaries across three states

GLASTONBURY, CT – A startling revelation has emerged involving a former Glastonbury police officer’s alleged involvement in a series of burglaries. Patrick Hemingway, 37, is under suspicion for orchestrating as many as 30 break-ins spread across Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Recent reports indicate that many of these incidents took place in the very town he once swore to protect.

Hemingway’s alleged targets primarily encompass restaurants and other commercial businesses. Authorities assert that the former officer specifically went after cash registers and safes in these establishments. His suspected crime spree doesn’t stop there. Prior accusations from last month tie Hemingway to misuse of a police database on 80 different occasions, which included checks on personal vehicles belonging to him and his wife. This recent discovery has raised suspicions about whether he was using the database to determine if he was under investigation.

Evidence against Hemingway is mounting. Surveillance footage depicts a tall individual resembling Hemingway’s description. This person, clad in a mask, hoodie, and gloves, moves with what’s been described as a “tactical” finesse, flashlight in hand. Furthermore, the suspect is captured holding an object eerily similar to the radios affiliated with the Glastonbury Police Department. Another damning detail connects Hemingway to the use of lock-picking tools, a skill he was familiar with during his tenure with the force. Surveillance has also identified a vehicle that matches the description of one owned by Hemingway’s spouse.

The net tightened around Hemingway when he was detained on September 22nd at a New Jersey airport and identified as a fugitive from justice. His current bond stands at a staggering $1 million. James E. Sulick, Hemingway’s attorney, expressed shock at the bond amount, referencing its rarity even in murder cases.