Former Business Partner Arrested for Murder of Pennsylvania Mother

A shocking turn of events has taken place in the case of Jennifer Brown, a 43-year-old Pennsylvania mother who was reported missing and later found murdered. Blair Watts, a 33-year-old former business partner of Brown, has been taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder, theft by unlawful taking, and fraudulently accessing a device.

According to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, the evidence gathered by detectives over the 37 days since Brown’s disappearance points to Watts as the murderer. On the last day that Brown was seen alive, January 3rd, two cash transfers worth a total of $17,000 were sent from her to accounts controlled by Watts. The transfer was never part of a written agreement between the two.

Watts had originally reported Brown missing on January 4th, claiming that she had failed to pick up her 8-year-old son from the school bus. The son had spent the night at Watts’ residence the night before. A two-week search led to the discovery of Brown’s body buried in a shallow grave behind a warehouse in Royersford on January 18th. The medical examiner determined that she had three broken ribs and was murdered.

Detectives also searched two Jeeps owned by Watts and his wife, and a cadaver dog indicated that human remains had been in the vehicles at some point. Brown’s son told police that he noticed Watts had his mother’s cell phone on January 3rd, and the movements of both Watts’ and Brown’s phones show that Watts was in possession of her phone until it became inactive on the morning of January 4th.

Before her death, Brown and Watts had planned to open a restaurant together called “Birdies Kitchen” in Phoenixville in late January. Property owners who were in discussion with the duo for a lease reported that Watts showed up unannounced on January 4th with money to put down on the lease.

This arrest and charges against Watts bring closure to the tragic case of Jennifer Brown, but also raise questions about the events leading up to her death and the motives behind it. The investigation will continue to uncover the truth and bring justice to Brown and her loved ones.