Former Biden staffer who accused the president of sexual assault in 2020 defects to Russia

Tara Reade, an ex-Biden staffer of then senator Biden, has recently defected to Moscow, citing an impetus of feeling ‘safe’ in the country.

Reade was accompanied by Kremlin spy Maria Butina, who vowed to fast-track Reade’s request for Russian citizenship and revealed that she would carry her case for consideration to President Vladimir Putin.

Biden has explicitly denied Reade’s allegations, with no other staffers of his coming forward with confirmation of sexual misconduct in his Senate office.

During the video interview conducted with Russian state media, Reade expressed her reasoning for fleeing to Russia, stating that death threats she received can be credited to her decision to testify under oath in Congress about her claims against Biden.

Reade further elaborated on her claims, making mention of how she believed Russia is not the enemy it has been constructed to be by ‘Washington elites’ and that her decision to seek refuge there is one with faith.

The allegation Reade has made against the former Vice President has created much conflict between the two parties over the last year, with Biden directly denying her accusations and attempting to make a legal motion against her. Reade’s decision to relocate to Russia only adds to the intensity of the situation, and brings forth new questions about the validity of her claims.

It is yet to be seen if Reade’s choice to seek refuge in Russia is one that benefits her in the end.