Texas father vanishes after early morning wake up

A desperate search is underway for 31-year-old father of Texas, Colby Richards, who has been missing since early morning on May 24th.

Colby’s wife, Callie, noticed his absence when he did not return to their bedroom to get ready for work after waking up at 5 a.m that Friday. When Callie investigated further, she found that the back gate of their home in Spring, Texas, was open.

In response to this discovery, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office set up search teams in the area and quickly located a water bottle belonging to Colby near the entrance of a nearby Greenway Trail. Colby had left home without his phone or wallet.

As previously mentioned, Colby works part time coaching baseball and had recently started at an engineering firm near their home. Colby often took walks in the morning and the evening, and the Greenway Trail behind their home was no exception. On the day of his disappearance, Colby was wearing a T- shirt, black shorts and gray Under Armour sneakers.

Since then, search and rescue teams have done all in their power to locate him, utilizing thermal and visual drones, ATVs, horseback riders, and cars to survey nearby security cameras. Despite their best efforts, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office had to shut down their search in the Woodlands area on Wednesday.

The Richards family will not stop, however, in their mission to find Colby. To supplement their search, they have created a GoFundMe page to help fund the costs associated with hiring search parties to seek him out. They also call on anyone with information to come forward.