Florida man repeatedly stabs armed intruder who shot his wife seconds earlier

AVON PARK, FL – A Florida man is being hailed by local law enforcement for his decisive action in defending his home and wife from a violent intruder. Highlands County Sheriff’s Office responded to a distress call from Avon Park last Thursday, following a severe altercation at a residential property.

The intruder, identified as 62-year-old Lindsey Glenn, a former convict with a dozen felony convictions, manipulated his way into the home of an elderly couple. Glenn reportedly deceived the couple, both aged 69, into allowing him entry into their residence on Joe Hilton Street.

Upon gaining entry, Glenn brandished a firearm and shot the female resident in the face, causing severe injuries. Reacting to the shocking sight of his wife being shot, the male resident retaliated with a garden knife. He reportedly stabbed Glenn multiple times with the 7-inch blade.

The injured woman managed to stumble out of the house and onto the porch of their next-door neighbor, bleeding heavily. She is currently in stable condition at a trauma center. The male resident sustained minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital before being released.

By the time authorities arrived at the scene, Glenn was already dead, having been “cut to pieces” as described by Sheriff Paul Blackman. Glenn’s criminal history includes at least six prison sentences and previous convictions for burglary and robbery. The Sheriff’s office is currently conducting a thorough investigation into the incident.

“I would like to commend the male victim for his bravery and quick action in defending his wife and their home,” Blackman said in a video update. “We will pray for his wife that she has a fast and full recovery.”