Florida man bites off pet snake’s head during a domestic dispute

A man from Cutler Bay, Florida is facing charges for allegedly biting off the head of a woman’s pet snake during a quarrel between the two.

Miami-Dade police reported that on Monday, they dispatched officers to the Saga Bay apartment complex located on SW 210th Street in response to reports of a domestic dispute.

On their arrival, authorities heard the quarrel between a male and female occurring within apartment #108.

The officers repeatedly knocked on the door and shouted orders to open it. The struggle continued as the entrance stayed shut, and at one point, the police heard a woman’s shriek to “kick it in”.

Officers reported that upon entering the house, they witnessed a female situated approximately two feet away from the entrance. When they opened the door, 32-year-old Kevin Mayorga was in the process of fleeing to shut it.

One of the officers utilized their Taser on Mayorga, yet it had no impact. Subsequently, he was taken out of the apartment.

Police report that he put up a vigorous resistance. At one point, he struck an officer in the face with his arm that had a handcuff on it, causing a mark to the officer’s face.

Law enforcement reported that Mayorga resisted arrest while being taken down to the ground and restrained with leg cuffs.

At that moment, the woman informed the officers that the man had bit off the head of her pet ball python. The dead snake was located beside the entrance with its head severed.

Authorities apprehended Mayorga and accused him of violently resisting an officer, false imprisonment, and mistreating an animal.