Florida man arrested after he encourages pregnant daughter to commit suicide

Gared Wayne Canales, a 33-year-old Floridian, is facing charges of a felony and a misdemeanor after prodding his teenage daughter to kill herself.

According to an arrest affidavit, on April 7 Canales went on a verbal onslaught against his daughter, calling her a “b—-, slut whore” and telling her to “go kill yourself”. From this cruel act, his daughter ended up taking her brother’s baseball bat and breaking a picture of the two of them.

Two days later, the visiting 13-year-old attempted suicide by slicing her wrist with a knife and a piece of glass, and swallowing fourteen Benadryl pills. After calling her mother to tell her what she had done the girl was rushed to Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach to have her stomach pumped.

Canales was tracked down in Massachusetts and taken back to Florida a week ago, then placed in Flagler County Jail without bond.

A restraining order was filed on June 19, barring contact between the two individuals.

His cousin, Jonathan Canales, is currently in prison for attempting to murder his girlfriend and the mother of his child in 2014.

The sad incident of Gared Canales’s daughter highlights the destructive potential of child abuse. Feeling betrayed, hopeless, and suicidal, the daughter was pushed to her wit’s end due to her father’s uncaring words.