Florida High School Coach Accused of Secretly Filming Teen Sex Act

A high school sports coach has been arrested for allegedly filming two students engaged in a sex act, according to the City of Doral Police Department.

Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez, 37, was a part-time security monitor and sports coach at Downtown Doral Charter Upper School in Weston, Florida. He is now facing charges of promoting a sexual performance by a child, solicitation of a child to engage in an act that constitutes sexual battery by a custodial authority, and offense against students by an authority figure.

Police Chief Edwin Lopez called the coach “extremely dangerous” and said he was “preying on students” at a “unique age in their life hormonally.”

The incident took place on February 14, when Ramirez-Martinez allegedly took two students into a TV production room and asked the female student if she would perform oral sex on the male student. He then surreptitiously filmed them through a two-way window while they engaged in a sexual act.

According to NBC Miami, Ramirez-Martinez approached the female student the next day and asked her to perform the same act on him, admitting his pedophilic preferences.

When the student refused, he threatened her, saying he would tell the other teen that they were having sex if she did not comply.

The teen told the school principal on February 17, and Doral police were informed of the situation. Ramirez-Martinez was arrested on Monday and remains in custody on $40,000 bond. It is not clear whether he has retained a lawyer.

The Doral police chief urged anyone who might have information about similar incidents involving Ramirez-Martinez to come forward.