Flash flooding kills five as crews scramble to find missing kids

Neighbors in Upper Makefield Township, Pennsylvania, are grappling with the devastating aftermath of a flash flood that claimed the lives of five people. A 9-month-old boy and his 2-year-old sister are still missing. The tragedy unfolded when storms dumped over seven inches of rain in just 45 minutes, causing flash flooding in the area near General Washington Memorial Boulevard and Washington Crossing.

As the deluge took over, three cars were swept away, with at least one confirmed fatality inside. Another victim was found outside their vehicle. Over the weekend, the bodies of a fourth and fifth victim were discovered about a mile from the road.

Rescue crews, consisting of 100 people, have been tirelessly searching for the two missing children. They have tripled their underwater and air assets, but the search has been hampered by ongoing weather conditions. The search will continue until dark on Monday and will be re-evaluated on Tuesday morning. Authorities are urging the public to focus on bringing the children home to their parents.

The family was driving to a barbeque when their car was overwhelmed by floodwater. The father and his four-year-old son managed to escape, but the mother and grandmother were swept away with the two missing children. The grandmother is in stable condition.

Eight people were rescued from their cars, and two were saved from the creek. The flash flood caused significant damage to roads in the area, leaving them crumbling and impassable. Many roadways across the eastern portion of Bucks County were closed due to heavy rainfall and downed trees. Motorists are advised to check PennDOT’s 511 roadway map website for updates on road conditions.