A young boy falls off of carnival ride

Authorities are conducting an investigation after a 10-year-old child was injured by a carnival ride at the Taste of Antioch festival in Illinois. Atioch Police and Fire officials were called to the scene at 2:40 p.m. on Sunday following reports of a child being harmed by a carnival ride. Upon arrival, they discovered that the 10-year-old child had been thrown from the ride. The child was immediately transported to a nearby hospital via helicopter. No further details regarding the child’s condition have been released.

In response to the incident, Antioch Mayor Scott Gartner ordered the closure of all rides at the carnival to allow for a safety review. The purpose of this measure is to allow officials to thoroughly review the safety of each ride. Mayor Gartner emphasized that it is the responsibility of the Illinois Department of Labor to ensure the safety of carnival rides at such events. He expressed the need for collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce to conduct a thorough debriefing on the incident.

An investigation is currently underway, involving the Illinois Department of Labor, the Antioch Police Department, and the Antioch Fire Department. These agencies are working together to determine the cause of the incident and to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future. Antioch village officials are also scheduled to convene a meeting on Monday morning to discuss the incident and its implications.

Antioch, located in the far northern suburbs, is situated approximately two miles from the Illinois-Wisconsin border and about 57 miles north of Chicago. The Taste of Antioch festival is a popular annual event that showcases local food, music, and entertainment.