Female tourist, 18, drugged and assaulted while visiting Nashville

In a distressing case that has gripped the attention of Tennessee and Kentucky communities, two men are facing grave charges over the alleged abduction and assault of an 18-year-old college student from Kentucky.

According to law enforcement, 36-year-old Joseph Farmer and 27-year-old Trevor Casteel are the primary suspects in this harrowing event that unfolded on May 4th. License plate reader technology provided crucial evidence, tracing the path the vehicle that the victim claims she was held captive in during her ordeal.

As of recent updates, Farmer has been apprehended, while Casteel remains at large. The student, who was visiting a friend in Nashville from Kentucky, informed authorities that she believes she was drugged at a local bar before encountering the two men.

The victim’s report to the police was distressing, as she detailed resisting the prolonged assault, which lasted approximately two hours. Further violating her privacy, the alleged perpetrators are accused of using her credit card at an ATM during the incident.

The student was finally able to contact her friend and arranged a pick-up location. Upon her release, she returned to Western Kentucky University.
The arrest of Farmer took place during a police operation aimed at a suspected drug deal involving both Farmer and Casteel. Casteel evaded arrest and remains a fugitive.

Farmer’s charges are significant and include aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, credit card fraud, theft, evading arrest, and drug possession. Law enforcement identified him as one of the men leaving a downtown parking garage with the victim in the Jeep. However, Farmer maintains that the encounter was consensual and denies using the student’s credit card.

Casteel is facing similar charges of aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, credit card fraud, and theft. He is also sought for three unrelated warrants.