Two arrested in connection to deadly road rage shooting

In a significant development concerning the fatal shooting of Shalia Hendrix earlier this month, two individuals have been apprehended. The suspects, 29-year-old Rylan Harris and 28-year-old Darashea Gross, are presently in custody and charged with first-degree murder. Harris also faces additional charges related to firearms.

The initial report of the incident on May 5th revolved around an automobile accident in Essex, Maryland. Responding officers found Hendrix inside the car, gravely injured with a gunshot wound. After being transported to a hospital, she was later pronounced dead at just 29 years old.

Investigative documents indicate that there was a second occupant in the car when Hendrix was shot. This individual recounted an alarming scenario in which a small SUV with temporary plates was aggressively tailing their vehicle and behaving erratically. The SUV eventually overtook them and vanished onto I-695. However, they encountered the SUV again, and the occupants allegedly fired shots at Hendrix’s vehicle. The shooting caused Hendrix to lose control and crash the car.

In a dedicated pursuit of justice for Hendrix, detectives traced the movements of the victim and the alleged attackers’ vehicle using surveillance footage. This meticulous investigation enabled them to identify the registration of the suspect vehicle.

Through detailed call records, investigators were also able to confirm that both suspects’ cellphones were connected to cellular towers in the vicinity of the shooting when it occurred, further corroborating their presence at the crime scene.

Both Harris and Gross have past convictions related to drug offenses. Currently, both are being held without bail, with a preliminary hearing slated for June 16th.