Female inmate in FL allegedly put out murder contracts on her entire family from prison

A Kissimmee inmate has been charged with soliciting to murder her family and a state attorney in a twisted plot to gain control of her inheritance.

Tureygua Inaru, a 29-year-old inmate in the Osceola County Department of Corrections in Kissimmee, Florida, was already in custody for aggravated stalking and threatening to kill her former coworkers before her latest and even more alarming crime was brought to light.

Inaru is now accused of trying to pay two fellow inmates $50,000 each to murder her mother, father and grandparents as well as an assistant state attorney, who was prosecuting her initial charges.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office conducted an investigation into Inaru’s alleged plan, which included an undercover detective posing as an inmate and speaking directly with her.

Inaru reportedly revealed details about the murder-for-hire, which the undercover agent was able to corroborate. The inmate then admitted to attempting to solicit the murders.

Inaru now faces three counts of solicitation to commit murder and cyberstalking. She will appear in court in May and remains in custody at the Osceola County Department of Corrections.