Felon out on probation reponsible for shooting four people

Los Angeles is in an uproar following a recent shooting that left three victims injured and one deceased.

The incident occurred on Sunday near the 19100 block of Parthenia Street, at an ice cream shop where victims were in the process of repainting over gang graffiti. Jamal Jackson, a 24-year-old Los Angeles felon with a long history of arrests, was arrested and is being held without bail in relation to the shooting.

Witness accounts indicated that the victims, none of whom were associated with crimial gangs, had offered to repaint the wall for free before the shooting. Two of the victims were sent to the hospital for surgery, while another required and received treatment before being released. The remaining victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

John Hatami, a Los Angeles deputy district attorney, was quick to note the ineffectiveness of current crime prevention strategies, particularly those proposed by District Attorney George Gascon. “George talks about prosecuting ‘gun violence,’” Hatami stated. “But it really is only words, phrases, and politics for George. No action. He can care less about true public safety.”