FBI digging up New York farmland looking for mob murder victims

GOSHEN, NY – In an extensive operation, federal and local law enforcement agencies have been excavating farmland in Orange County, New York, in search of bodies and illicit goods allegedly buried by organized crime syndicates. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the New York Police Department (NYPD) have focused their efforts on two specific sites in the suburbs of Goshen and Campbell Hall, located along Route 17.

The operation is reportedly linked to an ongoing investigation into the notorious Gambino crime family. The decision to search these particular locations came after an informant tipped off the authorities about potential burial sites in the area.

Despite the extensive search conducted on Wednesday, no remains or contraband were discovered. However, law enforcement officials and FBI agents returned to the site on Thursday to continue their investigation.

The farmland in question was previously owned by Giovanni DiLorenzo, a man sharing the same surname as one of the ten members of the Gambino family who were recently indicted. The charges against these individuals include using violent means to control New York’s garbage hauling and demolition industries.

The federal indictment includes 16 counts against individuals including Joseph “Joe Brooklyn” Lanni, Diego “Danny” Tantillo, and Salvatore DiLorenzo. The charges range from racketeering conspiracy and extortion to witness retaliation, fraud, and embezzlement. If found guilty, each defendant could face a prison sentence ranging from 20 to 180 years.

The indictment largely focuses on the group’s alleged efforts to extort money from an unnamed garbage hauling company and a demolition company, beginning in late 2017.