FBI Arrests Suspect Who Made A Bomb Threat To Boston Children’s Hospital

FBI Announces Arrest in Connection With Hoax Bomb Threat Against Boston Children’s Hospital – NBC10 Boston

Catherine Leavy, 37, was charged with making a false telephonic bomb threat in connection with an Aug. 30 call to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Police rushed to Boston Children’s Hospital after a bomb threat was called in. The hospital has experienced an increase in threats to its doctors and staff due to misinformation posted online and a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric.

The FBI says it has made an arrest in connection with the hoax bomb threat against Boston Children’s Hospital. Catherine Leavy was arrested at her home without incident and is being held pending a detention hearing.

US Attorney Rachael Rollins said the threat made by the caller to a hospital operator was disturbing and that the Department of Justice will continue to vigorously investigate and prosecute individuals who cross the line of free speech and choose to inflict fear and intimidation with their words and actions.

Boston Children’s Hospital has received “a large volume” of hostile online messages, phone calls and harassing emails, including threats of violence, over its surgical program for transgender youths. The hospital has updated its websites to emphasize that patients must be at least 18 and meet certain criteria.

The FBI said that the man’s arrest should serve as a strong warning to others, that making threats of violence is not a prank, and can carry up to five years in a federal prison.


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