Father and son found dead at office building after devastating murder-suicide

In a distressing revelation, Salt Lake City police confirmed that a father and son were found dead in an office building in an incident determined to be a murder-suicide. The victims were discovered around 11:15 a.m. last Saturday in an office suite at 2936 S. Highland Drive.

The father, 49-year-old Parth Gandhi, had allegedly killed his 16-year-old son before ending his own life, according to police reports. The name of the teenager has been kept confidential. The police clarified that the tragic event was carried out using a firearm.

Gandhi, a respected neuropsychologist and psychedelic therapist, had his office within the building where the bodies were found. He resided near Sunnyside Park. Gandhi held a doctorate in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, specializing in neuro-imaging and brain injury, as indicated on his professional website.

In the aftermath of the incident, the Salt Lake City Police Department has been collaborating closely with the local school district to provide necessary resources and support to students, staff, and the broader school community. Recognizing the pervasive influence of mental health issues, the police department asserted its commitment to assisting those in need.