Family Sues Airbnb After 19-month-old Daughter Dies From Fentanyl Overdose at Florida Rental

A French family is suing Airbnb and others after their 19-month-old daughter died from a mysterious fentanyl overdose. At the time, they were staying at an Airbnb home they had rented while on vacation in Florida.

Lydie and Boris Lavenir had put their daughter, Enora, down for a nap after playing with her four siblings the rental home in August 2021. When Lydie went to wake her daughter up two hours later, she found Enora’s face blue and foam streaming from her mouth.

The panicked family called 911 immediately, but when responders arrived, it was too late. An autopsy revealed that there was a lethal amount of fentanyl in Enora’s system.

The Lavenirs had never even heard of the drug before, and it is a mystery how the girl came into contact with the deadly opioid.

Although no traces of fentanyl were ever found at the rental home, investigators suspected Enora’s parents could be responsible. However, the couple tested negative for the drug, and no traces were found on any of their belongings, according to police reports.

While police have not filed any criminal charges in the case, Enora’s family is suing Airbnb, the property owner, the rental manager, and the previous renter who hosted the party. The lawsuit claims that fentanyl was ingested at the party, and the home was never properly cleaned up.

The family’s attorney, Thomas Scolaro, told The Washington Post that his clients logically have come to the conclusion that partygoers brought the fentanyl. Identifying who brought the drugs into the home, he said, is not his concern.

While an investigation into the child’s death ensues, Airbnb has stated that its thoughts are with the family. However, they have not yet filed a response related to the lawsuit against them.