Employees shot dead in apartment complex lobby

HOUSTON, TX – An incident involving gunfire at a Westchase apartment complex in Houston resulted in three people shot, two of whom are now deceased, in what the police believe to be a murder-suicide that occurred on Monday afternoon. According to reports, the shooting broke out at the Westchase Forest Apartments’ leasing office located on Richmond Avenue in the western part of the city.

An eye-witness account was provided by Christian Velasquez, who was in the leasing office with his family when the gun-wielding assailant forced his way in. Velasquez was in the middle of telling his wife how much he liked the apartment when the gunman came rushing in.

He narrated the assailant’s swift and targeted approach, describing how the culprit directed his hostility towards the female employee who had been assisting Velasquez in finding an apartment and one of her colleagues. The man then ushered the woman and her coworker further inside another room of the office.

Attempting to move his family to safety, Velasquez recounted hearing multiple gunshots as they hurried past the compound gates. Unable to remember the exact number of shots fired due to the urgency of the situation, he said, “It was like three or four maybe- I couldn’t remember I was just so in a rush to get my wife and my son out of there.”

As per the Houston Police, the assailant reportedly murdered the woman, inflicted a gunshot injury on the man, and subsequently committed suicide.

Regrettably, the traumatic experience has perturbed Velasquez enough to discard any plans of moving into the apartments. He called for everyone to seek the help they need during such difficult periods. While the police are still probing the case for a potential motive, investigations into the incident are ongoing.