Elderly man kills wife and daughter with an ax inside of their home

Reginald Maclaren, an 81-year-old Colorado man, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. The elderly man allegedly killed his wife and daughter using an ax.

According to the Englewood Police Department, Maclaren is accused of murdering his wife, 70-year-old Bethany Maclaren, and daughter, 35-year-old Ruth Jennifer Maclaren, in their Englewood home. He then allegedly placed their bodies in separate trash cans in the living room. Police also reported that one of the victims was dismembered using a saw.

Maclaren allegedly contacted 911 on Saturday to report the killings, claiming he knew the suspect and that a hammer was used as the murder weapon. However, during the investigation, police developed enough probable cause to arrest Maclaren for the crimes.

The Denver Post cites the arrest affidavit in identifying the victims. Maclaren later confessed to killing his wife and daughter, explaining that he had recently lost his job at a company where he frequently interacted with homeless individuals. Unable to pay rent, he feared his family would become homeless.

Maclaren reportedly told police that he believes his wife and daughter are “in a better place” and expressed no remorse for their deaths. KMGH-TV quoted him as saying he “knew what a miserable life that [homelessness] was.”

The Associated Press states that Maclaren was appointed a public defender, who has not yet responded to requests for comment. It is unclear whether Maclaren has entered a plea to the charges.