Eight people shot in fight outside nightclub

CHICAGO, IL – A violent incident occurred outside Blum Restaurant & Bar in River North, Chicago, around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, leaving eight people injured. The victims, aged between 23 and 43, are currently receiving treatment at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Four of them are in critical condition. The incident is currently under investigation, and no suspects have been arrested yet.

The shooting took place just hours before the Chicago Marathon was set to begin, near Erie and Orleans. Residents reported hearing more than ten gunshots, initially mistaking them for fireworks. The nightclub, where the incident occurred, has been a source of concern for the local community.

Residents have expressed their worries about the type of crowd the nightclub attracts, especially during certain hours. They believe that the establishment is a source of trouble in the otherwise peaceful neighborhood. The club’s history is tainted with similar incidents, raising questions about its management and safety measures.

Alderman Brenden Reilly has been vocal about his attempts to shut down the club for years. He hopes to evict the owners by next month, before the building is sold. According to Reilly, the club has been a constant source of neighborhood complaints and has been linked to previous shooting incidents. He described late-hour nightclubs as a blight on River North, attracting undesirable elements such as gang members, drug dealers, and armed patrons.

In 2021, when the club was known as Clutch Bar and Restaurant, a bouncer was shot after denying entry to a man. Another shooting incident occurred in June, a few blocks away from the club. Although the police have not directly linked these incidents to the club, local residents believe that the club’s owners should be held accountable for the crime they potentially attract.

Reilly has requested the Chicago Police Department to issue a summary closure order to prevent the nightclub from reopening before the property is sold.